Project Relevance


The current status of the oil and gas sector is characterized by the fact that more and more large and unique high rate minefields are reaching their late and final stage of development that causes considerable decline of production and water-cut increase. To increase the effectiveness of subsurface use, first of all, the Bazhenov suite deposits, being deposits of complex structure with reserves difficult to recover, should also be developed.


According to different estimates of geologist experts, in the Bazhenov Formation there can be from 3 to 20 billion tons of liquid hydrocarbons which is comparable to the oil volume recovered in the Western Siberia so far. Oil presence in the Bazhenov suite is proved almost everywhere in the territory of the Western Siberian oil and gas province; however, there are no technologies that would allow one to recover it on an industrial scale throughout the areas where it has been detected. It is possible to get stable production rates in wells and organize commercial oil production only in rock decompression zones containing fissured cavernous collectors.  


In the world and in Russia interest in hydrocarbon deposit with challenged reserves including oil and gas shales is dictated by external reasons. Among these are production level decrease of large deposits, active reserves exhaustion, increase in energy products prices. That is why further perspectives of oil production, particularly in the territory of  the Western Siberian oil and gas province, depend largely on pre-Jurassic complex successful development in which hydrocarbon deposits are connected entirely with  a fissured cavernous collector and Bazhenov suite represented by oil shales.


According to estimates by the International Energy Agency, hydraulic fracturing is the main geologic-technological procedure of enhanced shale oil and gas deposits recovery. Hydraulic fracturing is realized on a large scale in all horizontal wells drilled along the layer.


In order to ensure commercial viability of shale gas and oil reserves development, in the first place, an adequate digital model of reservoirs is to be developed. Permanently functioning micro-seismic monitoring of oil and gas recovery and different geologic-technological procedures, such as hydraulic fracturing and others, will make it possible to continuously refine this model, optimize the development process and to increase the oil recovery factor.