Software Packages


Software Packages

The Institute has the following software:

1.       3D Seismic Survey Software


Software name

SMT PAKaged Suite Plus (network)


SMT 2D/3D PAK (network)


Isoline GIS


Pangeya Certainty


Landmark SeisSpace/ProMAX 3D


Landmark ProMAX DepthCharge


SDI Extended Plotti


GMG Millenium


2.       Earth Remote Sensing Data Processing Software

Earth remote sensing data processing software makes it possible to perform primary and thematic processing, development of own application modules and the work of the user in an interactive mode. The packages ERDAS IMAGINE and ENVI are used to automate processing, perform cataloging and storage of Earth remote sensing data. ENVI allows for performing processing in a multiprocessor mode that significantly reduces run time.


For development of own software modules, the Institute has tools of ENVI\IDL and Imagine Developers Toolkit.


3.       Geoinformational Systems and 3D Modelling Software

ESPRI ArcGis product range which includes ArcGisArvInfo and ArcGisArcView floating licenses using 3DAnalyst, SpatialAnalyst, GeostatisticalAnalyst and other additional modules is the basic tools of preparation and processing of geo-informational data. For certain types of work, GIS, MapInfo and MapBasic, are used. For server solutions, the open source software Geoserver is mainly used, ArcGISServer also can be used.  To develop additional software and hardware of system, Python, C and Java are used. 3DSMax and the open source Blender package, which is compatible with 3DSMax, are used for 3D modeling. The open source 3D editing program SketchUp is used in some projects. OpenSim projects are being developed; to create dynamic content, Linden Scripting Language is used.