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Laboratory Chief: Pavel B. Bortnikov, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics

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The Research Theme: Oil and Gas Fields Micro-Seismic Monitoring


Pavel B. Bortnikov,  PBortnikov@kantiana.ru

Partners: 3D Seismic Measurements Laboratory, Communication Technologies, Monitoring Systems and Telemetry Laboratory


Project Relevance

The current status of the oil and gas sector is characterized by the fact that more and more large and unique high rate minefields are reaching their late and final stage of development that causes considerable decline of production and water-cut increase. To increase the effectiveness of subsurface use, first of all, the Bazhenov suite deposits, being deposits of complex structure with reserves difficult to recover, should also be developed.




Project Description

Видео 1 – гидроразрыв пласта, закачка проппанта в пласт

Видео 2 – закачка жидкости в пласт




 Expected Results

 Development and implementation of the micro-seismic monitoring technologies at the Russian oil-producing companies will make it possible to ensure that the companies will have an efficient system of monitoring of deposits development process. The system will allow for monitoring geologic-technological processes (different techniques of formation stimulation). The result of day-to-day monitoring will be technological risk reduction during an oil-production well operation and drilling new wells (best choice for well trajectory, bottom-hole and perforation positions, method and parameters of formation stimulation etc.), ecological risk reduction which will substantially reduce deposit operating costs.




The Research Theme: Design and implementation of technologies of micro-seismic monitoring of the territory of electric power facilities construction and operations.


A. P. Kuzmenko, Akuzmenko@kantiana.ru

  Partners: 3D Seismic Measurements Laboratory, Communication Technologies, Monitoring and Telemetry Laboratory