Geological Modeling Laboratory


Laboratory Staff




Laboratory Chief: Leonid E. Starikov

Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences

Tel: 8 (4012)59-55-58 (9415)

Fax: 8 (4012) 53-52-04




The main objective of the laboratory is a relevant applied research and development work performance aligned with the approved by the Institute (Research Institute of Applied Informatics and Mathematical Geophysics of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University) scientific line which includes:

  1. Geoscience information integrated interpretation and new oil and gas fields prospecting.
  2. New analysis methods of geoscience information elaboration, approbation and implementation.
  3. Hydrocarbon deposits and geological processes integrated geological modeling for the purposes of new prognosis prospecting criteria elaboration and reserve recovery enhancement.


The Research Theme:

Development of a new method of direct prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits with non-traditional reservoirs using scattered seismic waves and its practical validation (in cooperation with 3D Seismic Measurements Laboratory).


Leonid E. Starikov