Virtual Technologies Laboratory


Laboratory Staff




Laboratory Chief:

Ludmila G. Alsynbaeva

 Candidate of Physics and Mathematics

Tel: 8(4012)595598 (9470)





Laboratory of Virtual Technologies Objectives

Organization of research of computer virtual technologies implementation in different areas of life: science, education, business, production and other areas.

Development and adaptation of software for virtual education management on the basis of 3D simulation technologies, virtual reality and 3D multi-user virtual environments.

Development of web-resources and digital educational content for e-learning systems on the basis of modern Internet technologies and virtual reality.

Attending Computer Virtual Technologies and E-Learning international, federal and municipal programs.

The laboratory staff is highly experienced in developing electronic learning milieu including distant e-learning and electronic educational tools for supporting traditional learning process, carrying out distant learning projects for broad layers of the population, creating e-courses tailored to suit specific learning needs.


The Research Theme: Development of a prototype model of a program methodical complex for organizing e-learning and distant (virtual) learning on the basis of modern media and technologies of creation of digital educational content for additional education for the Kaliningrad Area residents.


Ludmila G. Alsynbaeva,


The Research Theme: Research in the area of multiuser 3D virtual worlds for virtual education organization.


Ludmila G. Alsynbaeva,