Key Areas of Research

Research in Mathematical Geophysics

Areas of research:

Fissured-cavernous hydrocarbon reservoir search by means of scattered seismic waves data processing.

Oil and gas fields microseismic monitoring, evaluation of seismic activity of building sites.

Research methods:

Methods of the solution of inverse geophysical problems

Supercomputer technologies for information processing

Consumers of the technologies:

Fuel and energy complex and atomic industry ventures



Research in the area of Earth remote sensing from Space

Areas of research:

Thematic tasks of Space and satellite monitoring

Management of natural resources, environmental science

Problem solving in agriculture, forestry, water management and urban planning

Research methods:

Methods of interferometer measurements of Earth radar sensing data

Multispectral analysis of data

Methods of processing of raster information

Consumers of the technologies:

Regional Branches of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, Federal Service of Russia for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring; Federal Service of Russia for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography; Russian Federation State Fisheries Committee; The Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service; The Federal Water Resources Agency; the Federal Forestry Agency; The Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency.