The title of the project  Creation of audio-visual resource materials for general education school’s 10 and 11 year students preparation for the Olympics in mathematics, physics and informatics
The project’s launch date  October 10, 2011
The project’s completion date  March 01, 2011
The project’s director  Gennady N. Erokhin
The position of the project’s director  Director of Research Institute of Applied Informatics and Mathematical Geophysics of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
The project’s executive  Alexey I. Kamyshnikov
The responsible pro-rector  Irina Y. Kuksa
Project relevance   Presently, the educational community faces the challenge of getting ungraded rural schools to take part in the Olympics. Even having distant access to information resources, it is not always possible to find necessary resource materials for Olympics preparation. This project will fill the gap.

The name of the project’s target customer see para. 1.3.2. of the Provision

The name of the priority line of the development programme (section III of the development programme) to which the project corresponds  

information-telecommunication systems

The project’s cost  500 000
2012 – 500 000

Including the part of the work performance and services rendering by contractor workforce (planned with the project’s director sum of the contract)

500 000
2012 – 500 000
The project’s objective 

The project is aimed at giving the opportunity to successfully prepare to participate in educational Olympics not only to the students of urban general education schools but also to the students of rural ones.

The impact on the Kaliningrad Area socio-economic situation  Implementation of the project will give all Kaliningrad Area school students equal chances to participate in the educational process.
Ensuring the sustainability of the project after the calendar-year of its realization  The project’s outcomes will be new educational e-resources involving leading teachers of Russia highly experienced in educational Olympics training. These resources will be demanded by both students and teachers of the Kaliningrad Area. This will give talented children the chance to become full-fledged participants of the educational process of the Kaliningrad Area. Potential employers of the project will be school students, teachers, secondary and higher educational institutions of the Kaliningrad Area. That is the basis of the project’s results vitality after the financing period.