3D Seismic Measurements Laboratory


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Laboratory Chief: Maxim A. Zverev

Tel: 8(4012) 59-55-95 (9430)

Fax: 8(4012) 53-52-04

E-mail: MaZverev@kantiana.ru




3D Seismic Measurements Laboratory Objectives

Development of methods, algorithms and software for hydrocarbon deposits prospecting and exploration using scattered seismic waves selected from seismic 2D and 3D data.

Development of methods, algorithms and software for wave fields modeling in 2D and 3D block-heterogeneous and layered subsurfaces.


 The Research Theme:

Development of Methods of Direct Prospecting and Exploration of Hydrocarbon Deposits Consisting of Non-Traditional Reservoirs Using Scattered Seismic Waves and its Practical Validation (in cooperation with Geological Modeling Laboratory).


Andrej N. Kremlyov, Maxim A. Zverev


Geological Modeling Laboratory


The Research Theme:

Inverse Problems of Wave Processes and Radial Tomography Problems


Leonid N. Pestov