Expected Results


Development and implementation of the micro-seismic monitoring technologies at the Russian oil-producing companies will make it possible to ensure that the companies will have an efficient system of monitoring of deposits development process. The system will allow for monitoring geologic-technological processes (different techniques of formation stimulation). The result of day-to-day monitoring will be technological risk reduction during an oil-production well operation and drilling new wells (best choice for well trajectory, bottom-hole and perforation positions, method and parameters of formation stimulation etc.), ecological risk reduction which will substantially reduce deposit operating costs.


Having been obtained in the process of oil deposits continuous monitoring, the data will make it possible to perfect the environment models which are used in the hydraulic fracturing designing process and to build a more accurate reservoir model. The data will allow for creating a geological model of the deposit considering the presence of filtration channels in the reservoir body and primary decompaction zones, frontal advance and detection of active well zones in oil production wells. The resulting geological pattern will dramatically change field development and further development planning, they will make it possible to detect non-draining areas and to stake additional drilling and purposeful hydraulic fracturing locations.


It is expected to obtain the following results:

the technology for hydrofracturing monitoring and optimization will be developed;

the technology for optimization of hydrocarbon deposits development using micro-seismic monitoring data;

the technology for assessment of the technical condition of oil and gas complex technological equipment, buildings and constructions;

the technology for hydrofracturing micro-seismic monitoring using one and two-components buried sensors;

methods focused on  the  specific requirements of the safe operation and  technical regulations for oil and gas complex technical equipment, buildings and constructions.


The technical and economic fundamentals are:

the precision of determination of micro-seismic events coordinates laterally is not worse than 10 meters and vertically is not worse than 100 meters;

the precision of determination of hydraulic fracture azimuth is not worse than 2 degress.


The parameters and characteristics of the development object are:

The enhancement of the technology of deposit passive monitoring will allow for mapping fluid filtration areas over time in the deposit development process, optimizing the positioning of additional wells, differentiating the functions of the existing ones, including recommendations on measures to intensify the existing wells production. Сommercialization of the streamlined technologies will make it possible to optimize hydraulic fracturing at fields, ensure continuous monitoring of the process of deposits development and oil recovery improvement.